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Work for yourself

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What to expect

  • Secure payments

    When you accept a lesson booking request, payment is taken from the client automatically and we hold the funds securely, you are paid as soon as the ski or snowboard lesson has taken place.

  • Increase your bookings

    Find new clients, tailor your schedule and easily amend your pricing for peak and off peak periods. Clients will be able to see your availability, choose their ideal ski lessons and then send you a booking request.

  • Sign up for free

    We charge a very low service fee of just 6% when you accept bookings. Signing up doesn't cost anything and never will. Take some time to create a profile and start receiving bookings on the same day!

Stand out from the crowd

Create your own unique profile for free. It's quick and easy to build a profile, you can upload images that show your qualities and skills. Add a detailed biography section that sells your services in all the languages you speak.

You’re in charge

You choose your clients and make the decisions on your pricing and availability. Our calendar is simple and intuitive, it gives you the ability to decrease or increase your pricing for certain periods, make yourself available or unavailable for given periods or certain types of lesson.

Double your earnings with group lessons

You set all the details such as price per person, group numbers and age limits. Group lessons have a massive impact on the size of your client base, they will also increase your hourly rate by around 100%. You can open groups for customers to book in to instantly or leave it so they have to request to book.

Communication is key

Customers are encouraged to message you prior to sending a booking request, this allows you to confirm you can meet their requirements prior to money changing hands. As soon as the booking is paid for and confirmed you will be able to see your clients phone number, so can always give them a call to arrange the finer details.

Build up your reviews

Boost your reputation with regular reviews from your clients. As a top rated instructor you will be able to charge more for your services, receive more bookings and teach more ski or snowboard lessons.

Instructor blog

Success stories from other instructors and our top tips for making the most of Maison Sport

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Frequently asked questions

Will it cost me anything to make an instructor profile?

No – we only charge a fee if you accept a booking, we take a 6% service fee, which is taken from the total amount you have charged for your lessons.

Who can sign up as an instructor on Maison Sport?

Only qualified ski or snowboard instructors, who conform with their resort’s local and national regulations for ski and snowboard instructors, can create an account on Maison Sport.

How do instructors get paid?

Instructors are paid 24 hours after the lesson has been completed. The funds are transferred into the bank account of their choice. This transfer can sometimes take between 24 – 72 hours.

Can I decide my own pricing and availability?

Yes, you are in complete control of your pricing and availability. You set your standard pricing during sign up and can then use the calendar in your user area to simply decrease or increase your standard pricing for any day or week. It’s quick and easy to amend your availability for certain days or weeks, by making those days or timeslots unavailable in your calendar.

How much can I expect to earn?

Maison Sport only charges you a fee of 6% per booking, which on average is 34.5% lower than a ski school. This will allow you significantly increase your earnings if you work the same number of hours or allow you to work a lot less, but earn the same!

Where is Maison Sport available?

Maison Sport is available in every resort in France, Switzerland and Italy, our service will be made available in more countries soon.

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