Professional software to help you improve your booking experience

  • Secure payments

    Taking payment by credit card is easy and more secure than bank transfers

  • On the move?

    Our app lets you create bookings wherever you are.

Intuitive software to help you manage all your clients in one place

  • Organised

    All your lessons in one place - organise your time and sell lessons effectively.

  • Professional

    Automated emails and simple payments will be a game changer for your client base.

What other instructors are saying...

"Exactly what I was looking for. A simple, low cost way to manage my customers."

"Having everything in one place has helped me be more organised and reduced day to day stress."

"It's now finally easy to take card payments."

My Business is free

You are only charged for taking card payments online

The online payment fee is 1.99%

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Are there any fees for using My Business?
The My Business software is free, we only charge for any credit/debit card payments you take from your customers - this is a fixed 1.99% fee. There are no other fees charged to your returning customers.
Can I use My Business for clients that previously booked me on Maison Sport?
Yes, when you’re creating a booking, it’s easy to select a client that already has a Maison Sport account.
When am I paid for bookings I take on My Business?
In the event your customer pays for the lessons by credit card on the Maison Sport platform you are paid immediately, funds generally take 3 to 5 working days to appear in your bank account.
If I book lessons for a returning client, will they be shown other instructor’s profiles on Maison Sport?
No, the system is completely different to the marketplace side of the platform. When you book lessons for a returning client, you can send them an automated email which contains a summary of the booking and a link to make payment by credit card. Your customer is taken straight to a login page and they then make payment on the following page. Our aim is to make it as easy for your customer to pay for the lessons as possible.

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