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Lizzy B.
Lizzy B.
The instructor's qualifications have been verified.
  (15) reviews

Trophy award

  • Lizzy B. has received the Trophy Award for consistently providing a fantastic service
Skiing, Ski Touring

Response Time: 5 hours


Reserve now with a 20% refundable deposit!

Available if you're booking lessons 30+ days in advance.

Reserve now with a 20% refundable deposit!

Available if you're booking lessons 30+ days in advance.
74% of Lizzy`s previous customers left 5 star reviews
74% of Lizzy`s previous customers left 5 star reviews
Lizzy B. has received the Trophy Award for consistently providing a fantastic service

Trophy award

  • Lizzy B. has received the Trophy Award for consistently providing a fantastic service
  • Experience: 7 Years

  • Languages: English , Dutch

  • Cancellation Policy: Flexible [?]

I have over 16 years of experience in the Outdoor Industry, teaching a wide range of outdoor pursuits from skiing, kayaking, canoeing and climbing. I also hav***in Outdoor Education and my Level 2 Adaptive Instructor.

All this time spent playing in the outdoors and wilderness with a diverse range of clients has enabled me to develop different coaching styles and gain people's trust by creating a friendly and relaxed environment. In this way people can relax and start to learn! I think it is so important to provide the correct learning conditions and the right level of challenge so that people can reach their potential.

I believe that everyone should be able to experience skiing all over the mountain. I specialise in adaptive skiing so, no matter what someone's disability is they can still explore the mountains. I have access to specialised equipment, such as sit skis, outriggers etc to make this dream possible. Please just get in touch.

  • Excellent with all abilities
  • Great with beginners
  • Fun children’s lessons
  • Patient with improvers
  • Off piste expert
What to expect in a lesson

If you would like to ski with me, please get in touch. I can help you practise the skills, techniques and tactics you need to tackle the mountain. I have an infectious love for adventure and would like to share this with you and begin to show you the never ending playground that the mountains can offer.

15 reviews
Overall Rating 5.0

(15 reviews)

Time keeping
Technical feedback
Mark .



Excellent! The perfect balance of friendliness, guide and coach for our mixed group. Thanks again.

Mark booked a total of 9 hours with Lizzy

Victoria Robson .



My 9 year old son had a wonderful week with Lizzie. She was a great and patient instructor. He enjoyed each session and made huge progress. Thank you Lizzie!

Victoria Robson booked a total of 10 hours with Lizzy

Daisy D.



Lizzy was the perfect instructor - patient, kind + actually gave me advice I could use! The progress after 3 lessons was huge, and I'm a lot more confident and trusting of my ability. Thanks Lizzy!!

Daisy booked a total of 9 hours with Lizzy

Pieter-Jan P.



Lizzy was excellent for the extra ski lessons for our 12y old daughter (3e étoile level): very enthousiastic and pleasant, great motivator and giving very useful tips to improve! Highly recommended

Pieter-Jan booked a total of 6 hours with Lizzy

Shirani .



Excellent lesson. Loved Lizzies approach to coaching. Gentle encouragement whilst giving technical corrections and suggestions for improvement. An amazing lesson, thank you so much. Feel so much more confident on the reds!

Shirani booked a total of 3 hours with Lizzy

Rachel Crowther .



Lizzy was great with children. She was very flexible doing 121 with a 9yr old and taking out a small group ages 13-9. Lots of fun and knows the Courchevel area extremely well.

Rachel Crowther booked a total of 15 hours with Lizzy

Tim .



I had a great lesson with Lizzie. I had only done a little skiing and that was 20 years ago, She coached and encouraged me to achieve a lot in 3 hours and it was fun and chilled. i would stringky recommend with clear feedback and advice given

Tim booked a total of 3 hours with Lizzy

Alreem .



My partner and I were both learning at different speeds, and Lizzy was so patient and managed to keep up with both our speeds. It was a lovely day.

Alreem booked a total of 3 hours with Lizzy

miles cohen .



Our 8yr old daughter had 1-on-1 lessons with Lizzy and not only has her skiing come on loads, but she really enjoyed every minute of their time together. Lizzy is a really warm and friendly instructor, with loads of smiles. Would highly recommend her and will certainly look to book lessons again when in the 3 valleys.

miles cohen booked a total of 14 hours with Lizzy

Danny .



My daughter - an effective novice - had three lessons with Lizzie abs is now a very competent skier with a love for the pastime. The lessons were fun and saw a massive improvement in technique and confidence. My other daughter - a much more advanced skier - had a lesson on “jumps and tricks” which was the high point of her holiday. I’d have no reservation about recommending Lizzie. I’d go further and suggest we will book our next ski holiday largely around where Lizzie is teaching! So it’s the 3 Valleys next time for us!

Danny booked a total of 9 hours with Lizzy

Kimberly D.



Lizzy is a very friendly, knowledgeable ski instructor. My family and I booked Lizzy last week as guide to show us around Courchevel, since it was our first time. We really enjoyed skiing with her for the day and would highly recommend her! Thanks Lizzy!

Kimberly booked a total of 4 hours with Lizzy

paul e.



Lizzy B was excellent!! Really pleased with how she helped my children progress with skiing (ages 16 and 13), especially for my daughter exam work. Highly recommended, will book again!! Thank you Lizzy B.!

paul booked a total of 8 hours with Lizzy

Armelle G.



We skied with Lizzie in Courchevel and had a truly wonderful time. Lizzie’s great, easy-going teaching style, combined with her exceptional knowledge of the area were a perfect mix for a highly enjoyable week of skiing.

Armelle booked a total of 15 hours with Lizzy

Liz J.



Lizzy taught my 22 year old daughter this afternoon (only one week of skiing experience 7 years ago!) and was so friendly and helpful - daughter feels so much more confident now. Can not recommend enough, she also helped me with some technique whilst we waited for my daughter. Thank you so much Lizzy!

Liz booked a total of 3 hours with Lizzy

Lisa O.



Best instructor we've had by far! We booked Lizzy for three 16 year old girls for morning lessons. They absolutely loved her and had a brilliant time. She had excellent communication skills, was extremely friendly and smiley and clearly loves her job! The girls improved by miles and became much more confident on and off piste. She gave kind and constructive feedback that refined and consolidated their skiing and taught them many new techniques. She challenged them but made sure they always felt safe and comfortable. Lizzy was excellent at managing different abilities and ages in the same group. One of the mums joined the girls for a morning and had just as good a time. She was super interesting to chat to and was very knowledgeable about the slopes and the best places to ski. Highly recommend. Hope to see her again!

Lisa booked a total of 15 hours with Lizzy

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Where is the meeting point?

You can arrange the meeting point with your chosen instructor by using the Maison Sport messaging system. We recommend agreeing this before you book your lessons, but it can always be arranged at a later date. The instructor should be able to suggest somewhere that is convenient for you both.

What qualifications do the instructors have?

Any instructor that has a blue ‘verified’ tick icon on their profile has had their qualifications vetted and verified by the Maison Sport team, the level of qualification required to have a verified account on Maison Sport varies slightly by country. As follows: France – all verified instructors must carry a ‘Carte Professionelle’ licence, the qualification requirements for this licence are very high. The licence is administered by the French Government (to attain a Carte Professionelle most instructors will have studied for an average of 5 years+ to attain the correct level of qualification). Aside from requiring the instructor to have the highest level of qualification, which includes numerous teaching and technical performance diplomas in skiing or snowboarding, European mountain safety courses and the Euro speed test, the instructors are also required to have a criminal record check and a first aid certificate. Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Finland, Scotland, Spain – all verified instructors must carry a minimum level of qualification which must be at the ISIA card level or above. Instructors working independently must provide documentation to show they meet the local regulatory requirements to do so and instructors that are working for a ski school must provide details of the school they work for.

How many people can take part in the lesson?

Unless otherwise agreed with the instructor no more than 6 people can take part in a lesson, each instructor will have their own policy for this, so it is best to just double check with them by sending a message. Most instructors won't charge extra if there is more than 1 person taking part in the lesson, but always best to check with them before booking.s

How do I book?

If you are on a desktop computer or laptop, you will see a box on the right hand side of the screen which contains various lesson options and pricing, simply select the lessons you would like and then click 'Book now', then follow the instructions to make payment. If you require further help visit the 'How to book' page -

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