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Mickael R.

Mickael R.
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  (19) recensioni

Trophy award

  • Mickael R. ha ricevuto il Trophy Award per aver fornito un servizio fantastico.
Sci, Sci Alpino, Sci fuori pista

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Prenota ora con un deposito del 20% rimborsabile!

Disponibile se stai prenotando la lezione 30+ giorni in anticipo.
95% I cliente prencedenti hanno lasciato recensioni di 5 stelle su Mickael`s
95% I cliente prencedenti hanno lasciato recensioni di 5 stelle su Mickael`s
Mickael R. ha ricevuto il Trophy Award per aver fornito un servizio fantastico.

Trophy award

  • Mickael R. ha ricevuto il Trophy Award per aver fornito un servizio fantastico.
  • Esperienza: 21 Anni

  • Lingue: Inglese , Francese

  • Informativa sulle cancellazioni: Flessibili [?]

Fully qualified, I'm teaching skiing for over the last 16 years now from snow plow to off piste. I worked in Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland. I love skiing and I like to share it, it makes my day to see people having as much fun as I do up in the mountains away from the daily stress. It's my goal every day I go up there!

  • Excellent with all abilities
  • Great with beginners
  • Fun children’s lessons
  • Fantastic with experts
  • Off piste expert
19 recensioni
Valutazione Complessiva 5.0

(19 recensioni)

Feedback tecnico
Rosie .



I had thee best time with Michael! I was a total beginner - never had stepped into a ski before and by the end of my first lesson so making my way down a blue slope. He was so approachable, fun and really had so much knowledge to give! I had the best time. I recommended him to my boyfriend who then booked him the next day to go off piste and explore. When we're back in Verbier we will absolutely be booking a session with him again.

Rosie ha prenotato 3 orari con Mickael

Dimitris Stamat... .



Great experience! Definitely recommend him!

Dimitris Stamatis ha prenotato 3 orari con Mickael

Laura T.



Michael was extremely patient and had a lovely teaching manner. He made me feel very safe and gave me useful tips and advice on how to improve.

Laura ha prenotato 4 orari con Mickael

Phil .



In the space of 5 days, Mickael took my kids (13 and 11) from zero experience beginners to confident skiers capable of getting down steep pistes under control (we even took them down a black run!) He has a good way with kids, they enjoyed learning with him and are keen for me to book him again for next time. Thoroughly recommended.

Phil ha prenotato 12 orari con Mickael

Lorenz B.



Kids had an excellent advanced skiing lesson and tour in Verbier for two days. Whilst skiing was in snow storms, they thought it was the most fun experience and the et admired Mickael.

Lorenz ha prenotato 3 orari con Mickael

Jason Tunui .



Mikael is a great teacher with clear instructions and gave a nice gradual progression of learning to my kids and myself. My kids were ski-ing really well after 2 days. He had lots of patience, a good connection with the kids and he made sure they learnt the basics very solidly.

Jason Tunui ha prenotato 6 orari con Mickael

Georgia Savvaki .



The lesson with Michael was extremely useful and fun. He gave a lot of advice around technique that was easy to follow and made a difference right away which made me feel safer and more confident. He also gave me different methods to tackle different conditions (narrow vs wider piste, moguls, steep parts etc.) and tried different terrains so that I could improve a bit on everything. I would definitely recommend 3 hours with Michael if you want to improve your skiing!

Georgia Savvaki ha prenotato 3 orari con Mickael

Neil Osborne .



My son Henry and I had not skied for 2 years and with Mickael’s friendly guidance we were soon up to speed. We had two lessons, where we worked on technique, whilst at the same time, touring the slopes of Verbier. We would both highly recommend his services.

Neil Osborne ha prenotato 6 orari con Mickael

Marija B.



We were at 2 different levels and Mickael was very patient with us and could organise lessons so that we both learn. Gave constructive feedback that helped us improve quickly.

Marija ha prenotato 3 orari con Mickael

vanessa k.



Nous avons pris 4 lecons avec Mickael lors de notre sejour a Verbier. c'etait top! Mickael a su nous faire progresser techniquement tout en rendant la séance ludique et sympathique. Chaque jour nous avons fait un cours à un autre endroit du domaine. Mickael est attenttif à tous ces petits détails qui font un séjour au ski réussi! ;-)

vanessa ha prenotato 1 orari con Mickael

Isabella P.



Michael was a great instructor, we had a 3 hours lesson and he helped me improve my technique and gain my confidence back very quickly. He was very encouraging, patient and also did a great job at teaching me how to get around and learned the Verbier area.

Isabella ha prenotato 3 orari con Mickael

Claudia M.



I had a 3 hour session with Mickael and I feel it was very complete. Being beginner I ended the class feeling very comfortable with going down red and black pists. We also did some fun exercises and even tried off pist! I had a great and fun experience. Mickael is super friendly and would definitely recommend taking lessons with him.

Claudia ha prenotato 3 orari con Mickael

Fouad F.



We really enjoyed our lesson with Mikael. He is very attentive, patient and gave us great tips to get over our fear and to sharpen our skills. He took the time to explain all the drills and I felt so much improvement after my lesson with him and would definitely recommend him!

Fouad ha prenotato 3 orari con Mickael

Rebecca G.



Mickael was really great. It was our first time skiing so I was quite anxious about all the preparation and Mickael recommended a place to hire our equipment and told me how to get the ski passes. He was happy to accommodate our mixed ability group of me and my two sons and was able to really help us make the most of our three hour lesson. We were excited to progress from the gentlest slope to the slightly bigger one in our first class. Would definitely book again.

Rebecca ha prenotato 3 orari con Mickael

Zain I.



Fantastic instructor - was our first lesson and Mickael was very supportive in helping us learn the basics. Definitely booking another lesson with him very soon. Highly recommend!

Zain ha prenotato 3 orari con Mickael

Nicholas F.



A first class instructor who inspired my kids to ski with confidence and style, all whilst having fun. Highly recommended.

Nicholas ha prenotato 15 orari con Mickael

Sasha L.



I had a superb lesson with Mickael. I am an intermediate skier so we started on blue runs to begin with. However, through Mickaels coaching, feedback and expertise, we went on a black run! I would highly recommend booking a lesson with him. Mickael is an expert instructor and very professional. I will be booking a lesson with him again when I return to Verbier. Thank you, Mickael.

Sasha ha prenotato 3 orari con Mickael

rose P.


I would recommend Mickael highly. He was very attentive and professional when teaching my mother who is a beginner. His teaching skills were excellent and we will be booking him again next year. Thank you.

rose ha prenotato 3 orari con Mickael

Kate J.


Mickael was an amazing instructor. He was very patient with me, and taught me how to put skis on, and got me all the way to a blue run by the end of the day! I had a great time and felt like it moved at the right pace the whole lesson. It was a really fun introduction to skiing! Thanks!

Kate ha prenotato 4 orari con Mickael

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