Group ski trip planning: why book an instructor?

5 December, 2023 11 min read

Group ski trips are always a blast, but often come with their challenges! From pre-trip planning to managing finances it’s not always straightforward, and keeping everyone happy can be difficult. 

It is likely that your group will be mixed-ability, so it is a great idea to book an instructor for those that would benefit. This way everyone will make the most of their trip and no one will be left behind!   

Reasons to consider booking a private instructor when you’re going on a group ski trip:

  • You may be skiing with a group above your ability level and need some additional tuition
  • You may need a refresher at the start of your trip to get your skiing legs back
  • You may have never visited the resort before and wish to have a guide who can take you and your friends around
  • You may want to try something new for a day – e.g. snowboarding, ski touring, off-piste, etc. You can book up to 11 types of lessons on Maison Sport!
  • Read even more reasons to book an instructor here, if you still need convincing! 

With Maison Sport, you can have up to 6 participants with one instructor. This allows friends to ski together and split the cost of the lessons, making it much more affordable. Your group will benefit from an expert private instructor who will tailor the lessons to your needs and preferences. 

Booking a private instructor can also be a fun way to discover the best runs in the resort and safely explore off-piste routes. It’s crucial to book a guide if anyone in your group is inexperienced at off-piste skiing. Book your expert instructor today!

If you don’t have a big group of friends to hit the slopes with, why not embark on a fun, organised trip that will give you the opportunity to make friends and lasting memories in the mountains. There are several companies that offer group ski trips to suit all individuals, one of which is Dutchweek…

A day in the life at Dutchweek Italia, Sauze d’Oulx: snow, skiing and partying!

During the day, you can have a blast on the perfectly groomed slopes of Vialattea. With the guidance of Maison Sport’s friendly instructors, beginners can venture down the gentle slopes, while advanced skiers can challenge themselves on steeper, more technical runs.

Don’t forget to stop occasionally and enjoy the spectacular views! You’ll end your day at Capanna Kind on the slopes, where a true snow party will be thrown by Dutchweek! Shake out your legs and dance the day away as the sun sets behind the mountains!

In the evening, Sauze d’Oulx comes alive with Dutchweek parties that you won’t want to miss. Local bars such as Ghost, Miravallino, and Bar Hotel l’Assietta are transformed into dance floors and international DJs spin the latest hits. Whether you are a seasoned dancer or just want to show off your best ‘snow shuffle’, there is a bar for everyone!

Dutchweek Italia in Sauze d’Oulx is not just an event; it is a snow-filled week of fun, skiing and partying. So put on your best ski outfit and get ready for a winter adventure to remember! 🕺⛷️

For more information and tickets visit:

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