Frequently Asked Questions


What qualifications do the Instructors have?

All instructors that are advertised on Maison Sport have achieved the highest level of qualification from their respective national systems of ski and snowboard Instruction. Each instructor has completed numerous courses and modules for their licenses such as:

To receive their licenses, instructors are also required to have up to date documents including:

Are the instructors listed on Maison Sport qualified to work in France? We verify all instructors with the French Governement Department of Sport, to ensure they have their 'Carte Professionnelle License'. This gives them the legal right to work in France, as they have proved that they have the highest level ski qualification, a first aid certificate and criminal record disclosure.

Are there any Maison Sport fees if I book an instructor? Yes - if you are a customer and make a booking through the site we add on a service fee of 7% to the instructor’s lesson price.

Will it cost me anything to make an instructor profile? No – we only charge a fee if you accept a booking, we take a 3% service fee, which is taken from the total amount you have charged for your lessons.

Where is Maison Sport available? We are currently just in France, but we will be adding more countries soon!

Who can sign up as an instructor on Maison Sport? Instructors that wish to sign up must have all the required paperwork to conform with national and local regulations. Instructors ‘self certify’ that they have the correct qualifications, clean criminal record, first aid certificate and third party liability insurance when they sign up to Maison Sport.

How can I speak to an instructor? On each instructor profile there is a “send message” button, by clicking this button it allows you to talk to the instructor using the Maison Sport messaging system. Once a lesson has been confirmed the instructor’s phone number will become visible, although we recommend using the messaging system for all communication.

When do I pay for my lessons? For a booking to be confirmed, payment must have been made. To make a booking request you will be required to enter your card details and by clicking ‘pay with card’ the request will go to the instructor. If the instructor accepts your booking request your card will be debited for the full amount payable, if they decline then no charge is made. The funds are then held securely by our payments provider until the lesson has taken place. The instructor is paid automatically 24 hours after the lesson has taken place.

Where do I meet my ski instructor? You can arrange the meeting point with your chosen instructor by using the Maison Sport messaging system. We recommend agreeing this before you book your lessons, but it can always be arranged at a later date. The instructor should be able to suggest somewhere that is convenient for you both.

What do I do if I want to change the start time of my lesson? Contact the instructor you have booked with through Maison Sport’s messaging system and explain why you would like to move the lesson and to what time. The instructor will then inform you if it is possible to change the start time.

Where can I find my instructor’s phone number? Your instructors phone number is only shown once a booking has been confirmed, the number is shown below their photo in your booking overview.

Why are there no instructors available? During certain weeks of the season ski instructors will be very busy and will therefore not show up during searches. Instructors are signing up all the time though, so please check again soon.

How does Maison Sport process payments? Maison Sport uses Mango Pay for payment processing, who also hold booking funds securely, until the lessons have taken place.

How do I reset my password? If you've forgotten your password or are having trouble logging in to your Maison Sport account, click the ‘forgotten password’ link on the sign in page. Enter the email address you use for Maison Sport, and you'll be emailed a link to reset your password.

Which internet browsers work best with Maison Sport? Maison Sport works best with the most up to date internet browsers, but as a minimum will support the following versions of browsers or newer: IE 9, Chrome 22, Safari 6, Firefox 17, Opera 12

Can I cancel a booking with an instructor? Yes, you can do this from within your user area, just click cancel booking. Reimbursement is calculated in line with the instructor’s cancellation policy, so make sure you check it first!

Where can I see the Maison Sport cancellation policy? Instructors choose their cancellation policies, they have a choice between flexible, moderate or strict. Their chosen cancellation policy is shown in their profile, just click it to see the full details.

How does the review system work? Only customers that have had a lesson with an instructor can leave a review, this ensures all the reviews are from real customers with first hand experience of the instructor’s services, so can be trusted when you are trying to choose an instructor.

I had a problem during a lesson, how do I talk to Maison Sport about it? Click the ‘help me’ button from within the booking in your user area, you can then send Maison Sport a message detailing your problem and we will respond within 24 hours.

Can I change the currency I pay with? No, lesson prices are set in the currency of the country where the lessons are due to take place. Bear in mind that if your account is in a different currency to the one you are due to pay with, then your provider or third party payment processor may charge a currency conversion fee.

Are there penalties for misuse of the platform? Yes, we have software to track any misuse of the Maison Sport platform. Any user found to be a persistent offender will be suspended from using the system.


I am not available during certain periods and do not want any requests - what can I do? Whilst logged in to your instructor area click on ‘Calendar’ in the menu bar. If you click and drag on the days/weeks you want to make unavailable and untick “available” this will stop you being shown up as available during searches. It will also be greyed out on your calendar.

How do I change my Instructor Profile? You can change your profile when logged in to your instructor area. Click on your name on the top right of your user area and click “My account”, then select “Personal details”. Once you have made any changes remember to click ‘Save changes’.

Can I choose which currency to offer my instruction services in? No, your currency will be set automatically, depending on where you have chosen as your ‘main resort’, the currency is set to the standard currency used in the country that your ‘main resort’ is located in.

Where can I amend my Main Resort? You need to login to your account and go to ‘My account’ and then ‘Personal details’ you can then amend your main resort and other resorts on offer.

If I amend my ‘Time slots’ page, what effect will this have on my calendar? When you select a day on your calendar your standard time slots will be shown, all are automatically set to be available to customers and are only made unavailable if you uncheck the box or schedule time off. If you make a change to your availability in the calendar view then it is treated as an exception, so any amendments you then make on the ‘Time slots’ page will not apply to these days, so amending your standard time slots on the ‘Time slots’ page will only affect days that you haven’t made any changes to.

How do instructors get paid? Instructors are paid 24 hours after the lesson has been completed. The funds are transferred into the bank account of their choice. This transfer can sometimes take between 24 – 72 hours.

Where can I find my customer’s phone number? Your customer’s phone number is only shown once a booking has been confirmed, the number is shown below their photo in your booking overview.

Can I cancel a booking with a customer? Yes, however Maison Sport may apply penalties to your profile if you can’t show that you had to cancel due to exceptional circumstances.

Why does Maison Sport need my passport? This is required by our payment processor, Mango Pay, to comply with Know Your Customer banking regulations. If you have reached the max withdrawal limit of €2,500 (or currency equivalent), you must upload a copy of your passport.

The currency of the country of your chosen resort differs from the currency of the country of the main resort

16-Digit Card Number

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