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Children's group ski school lessons

Our children’s group ski school lessons have a maximum of just 6 children per class. We aim to inspire the children, our ethos is for the children to learn through enjoyment and fun. Our approach utilises our small groups of just 6 children to ensure each child receives plenty of individual, personalised attention and technical feedback. This enables us to achieve optimum results in ski performance and speed of learning, in a safe and fun environment at all times. Our goal is to make the journey of learning to ski unforgettable!

3 hours per day
Sunday - Friday or Monday - Friday
9:00am - 12:00pm
4 hours per day
Sunday - Friday or Monday - Friday
9:00am - 12:45pm
13:00 - 16:45pm
Our group lessons are...
Taught in English
Have no more than 6 skiers per lesson
For children aged between 5 and 15
Why book a group ski school lesson?
Booking with us ensures you will have a professional experience, from the time of booking, right through to the ski lessons with our carefully selected, top qualified ski instructors.
Same ability, small groups
To ensure your child receives personalised ski lessons, we keep our children's ski school groups small. We take a maximum of just 6 children per group and ensure these skiers are of a close ability level, enabling the ski instructor to deliver a lesson plan which will fit the entire class.
Learn whilst having fun
Our ski instructors' goal is for the children to have fun, whilst improving their skiing technique and exploring the mountain. We avoid standing around chatting for long periods, as one of the best ways for your children to improve their skiing is by doing as much skiing as possible!
Individual progress cards
We provide all the children in our group classes with their own progress card. On the card they tick off the runs they complete throughout the week and the ski instructor adds comments on what technical aspects of their skiing they have worked on.
Medal awards programme
It’s important that progress is recognised and children love our medals! We have a total of 10 badges, catering from complete beginners right up to expert skiers. Instructors continually assess the children throughout the week and award medals and certificates on the final day.
What to expect in your lessons
Start of the day
Once the children have meet their instructor at the designated meeting point, it’s time to get those ski legs ready with a gentle warm up on some easy runs.
Level check
Once warmed up we check the children are in the correct level group, moving them to an alternative level if necessary.
It's important to keep energy levels high, so we stop in a cafe for a drink and snack. We recommend sending your child with €5 drink/snack money per day.
Improve and explore
Improve the children's ski technique and explore the mountain. Towards the end of the lesson we focus on practising what we have already learnt.

What equipment do you need for a children's group ski lesson?

You will need to send your children to the lessons with ski equipment and a lift pass, if you're unsure of anything you can always send a message to the Maison Sport Customer Success team. Your child will need skis, boots and poles for their lessons, if they're a complete beginner they may not need poles. It's also mandatory that they wear a helmet, regardless of their ability level. You can book all your ski rental equipment at checkout through our ski equipment rental partner, SkiSet.

Levels guide
Our ski school group lessons cater for all ability levels, for adults (aged 16+) and children (aged 5 to 15 years old). If it's your first time skiing, our fantastic office team can advise you on a lesson program that will suit you. If you have skied before and are looking for a group to help take your skiing to the next level, then you're in the right place!
Level 0
First Timers
You have never skied before or you are still learning to snowplough and need to refresh the basics.
Level 1
You are comfortable snowplough turning down green runs and can control your speed, you’re looking to start learning how to parallel turn.
Level 2
You are able to perform parallel turns, although your skis may still be slightly wide apart. You generally ski on green and blue runs.
Level 3
You are skiing parallel confidently on blue runs and can ski on red runs, but you need to improve your technique when the conditions or terrain is more challenging.
Level 4
You ski red runs with confidence and are able to ski black runs but would like to improve your technique to better handle bumps, steeps and off piste.
Need any help?
Confused where to start with lessons?
Our unique awards program
It’s important that progress is recognised and children love our medals!
We have a total of 10 badges, catering from complete beginners right up to expert skiers. Instructors continually assess the children throughout the week, as opposed to having strict ‘tests’, this ensures lessons remain fun and exciting. Our badges are awarded at the end of the week and come with a booklet so you can see what technical skills have been achieved and what’s next. We keep note of all the medals we award, making it easier for you when you next book lessons with us.
How to book
Booking with us couldn't be more simple, our friendly, expert team are always on hand to help - instant book online or talk to our team if you need some assistance.
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FAQs about Children's ski school lessons

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