How Much Does a European Ski Holiday Cost in 2024?

Customer 8 December, 2023 26 min read

The ski season is underway and the allure of snow-covered slopes beckons. However, over the past couple of years, the cost of a ski holiday has been impacted by various global factors including price rises, inflation and post-pandemic travel trends. 

Here, we break down the main expenses, including; flights and transport, accommodation, lift passes, ski and boot hire, ski lessons, food and drink and insurance, and offer a comprehensive look at what a ski holiday might cost you in 2024.

Flights & Transport

Typically, the journey to Europe’s Alpine ski resorts begins with flights. In 2024, expect to pay between £50-£300 for round-trip flights from the UK to popular routes such as Geneva, Innsbruck, Chambery and Grenoble, with prices fluctuating based on demand and fuel prices. Upon arrival, transfers – whether you opt for car rentals (approximately £350 – £400 plus petrol for a week) or shuttle services (around £85 per person) – is an essential factor to consider. 

As an alternative and more eco-friendly transport option, you can get the train to the Alps. The Eurostar connects London to several ski resorts via Lille, including Chambéry, Bourg-Saint-Maurice and Aime-La-Plagne with prices starting from around £100 for a return journey. 

To cut down costs you can drive to The Alps. However, this takes a lot longer and is only worthwhile if you are going with a group for a long trip. You will also need snow chains and headlight deflectors (if yours are not adjustable) in order to meet European driving regulations. 

Skiing Accommodation

In the realm of skiing accommodation, expect a diverse range of options. A standard room in a reputable ski resort can cost anywhere upwards of £150pp per night. For those seeking a luxury experience, upscale chalets may exceed £500 per night. 

Savvy travelers often explore Airbnb or stay just outside of the resort to cut costs – the ski bus is often free with your ski pass so you won’t need to worry about extra transport costs. Booking early or during off-peak periods can lead to substantial savings on accommodation.

Lift Pass

A lift pass in European resorts in 2024 could range from between £35 – £80 per day. Opting for multi-day or weekly passes usually offers better value, with prices varying significantly across different resorts, ranging from £190 – £420. The price of lift passes across most popular European resorts has gone up this year, so check out our European resort ski pass pricing guide to find the best rates. 

Ski Lessons

Tailoring your ski lessons to your skill level and preferences is crucial. Maison Sport allows you to browse for the perfect instructor tailored to your ability and budget. In 2024, private lessons cost between £55 – £100 an hour (depending on location and instructor). Group lessons can be cheaper and are likely to cost around £150 – £350 for five days of lessons. Take a look at the type of ski lesson that would work best for you

Book your ski lessons with Maison Sport here!

Ski & Boot Hire

Renting ski equipment is an affordable and practical choice, with ski and boot hire typically costing from £80 for a week. This option also means you won’t have to pay for extra luggage to transport your skis to the mountains. You can easily book your ski equipment at the same time as your lessons on Maison Sport through our ski rental partner SkiSet – the leader in ski and snowboard equipment rental in Europe. Just click the ‘add equipment’ option at checkout. You can save up to 50% on your equipment rental by booking it with us in advance! 

Food & Drink

Your culinary experiences on a ski holiday can be as modest or extravagant as you choose. Dining at resort restaurants can set you back £30 – £60pp for a nice meal, while more budget-conscious options can significantly lower this cost. 

Typically, the higher up the mountain a restaurant is, the more expensive it will be. If you are staying in the 3 Valleys take a look at our guide to the best value restaurants in the area. 

Après-ski activities, a staple of the ski holiday experience, can add a substantial amount to your daily ski holiday expenditure, with beers typically costing between £5 – £10 for a pint. Pre-drinks are advised to cut costs!


Do not overlook travel insurance, especially considering the high-risk nature of ski holidays. In 2024, a comprehensive travel insurance package covering cancellations, medical emergencies, and ski accidents is expected to cost around £15 per person for a week-long trip, depending on age and pre-existing medical conditions. 

Other Expenses

Other expenses, including ski clothing, souvenirs, tips and money for extra activities such as swimming and ice skating can also impact your budget. These costs can be variable but expect them to add a considerable amount to your overall expenditure.

So, How Much Does a European Ski Holiday Cost in 2024?

In 2024, a week-long ski holiday in Europe for a seasoned skier could cost upward of £2,000 per person. If this amount is making your eyes water a little, strategic planning and budgeting can make a ski trip more accessible. 

By carefully considering each expense category, booking in advance and seeking out packages and deals, you can knock a considerable amount off of the cost of your trip. A ski holiday in Europe remains an unmatched adventure, one that, with thoughtful preparation, can be worth every penny!

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