Maison Sport in the Financial Times

Customer 17 February, 2019 3 min read

Tech company, Maison Sport is connecting people with the best independent ski instructors across the Alps, reducing the cost of lessons in the process.

New tech companies tapping in to the ‘gig’ economy have been well-publicised, whether it’s Uber, Deliveroo, or a whole host of others – workplaces in our major cities are changing, but how about elsewhere? Many are surprised to hear that a UK tech company is carving a great niche for itself in the same manner in The Alps.

Maison Sport, founded just under 3 years ago, spotted an opportunity to solve a problem for customers and ski instructors, by using a technology platform to connect the two parties together directly. Much like many successful marketplaces, Maison Sport’s key selling point is its unique instructor reviews, only left by past customers, this enables new customers to make an informed decision of who to book.

As skiers are booking the instructor directly, it’s not unusual to make savings of up to 50%, whilst still receiving a top-quality service, from a fully qualifed instructor. Currently in their third winter, there are over 450 instructors using the platform. In France, Maison Sport’s instructor pool is second only to the Ecole de Ski Francais, a company which was founded in 1945!

They have recently surpassed 20,000 hours of lessons taught and boast that 70% of customers leave a review on their instructor’s pro le after their lessons, most of which are 5 stars. The high review rate is likely linked to the fact that all the instructors on Maison Sport carry the top quali cation available in Europe, a pre-requisite to signing up to the platform.

“This team remind me of the early Checkatrade days” Kevin Byrne – Founder of Checkatrade and investor in Maison Sport 

Widely available across France and growing rapidly in Switzerland, Italy and Austria, visit Maison Sport to   nd your ideal ski or snowboard instructor. 

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