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Surveys suggest that ski and snowboard lessons can have a big impact on an accommodation provider’s repeat booking rate. Skiers associate these positive experiences with the holiday as a whole and will more likely rebook when they have had lessons with a great instructor.

Earn commission

Earn 10% commission on each customer you refer. It's easy for you to track all of your referrals, including their status, we will transfer you a 10% commission on all successful bookings at the end of the winter.

Over 130 resorts

We have instructors available in over 130 of the world’s best and most popular resorts across France, Italy and Switzerland.

Real reviews

Verified instructor reviews left by an instructor's past clients are an invaluable resource to help you decide on which instructor will suit your client best.

Trust & Safety

All instructors on Maison Sport are vetted to ensure they are qualified to the highest level and to confirm they are legally allowed to teach in the resort they're listed in.

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5-star reviews

Over 65% of our customers leave a review for their lessons, compared to just 10% for normal ski schools. 96% of our instructor lesson reviews are rated 5-stars.

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How does the booking process work?
You can search for instructors and then message an instructor directly from your account, so you can make lesson arrangements much like you would with other suppliers over email. Once you have come to an arrangment with the instructor, you can then send an invite to your customer from your account dashboard. Your customer will receive an email from which they can navigate directly to the instructor's profile, select the agreed lessons and then pay for them. As soon as a lesson has been paid for, you will see the status update in your dashboard and be able to see the commission earned.
How is the 10% commission calculated?
The commission is calculated by taking 10% of the instructor's fees i.e if an instructor's total fees for the lessons booked are €100, your commission will be €10.
Are the instructors qualified?
We vet every single instructor to ensure they have the relevant qualification to work in their chosen resorts. As standard in Europe, most countries require independent instructors to carry the highest qualification available in the industry which is the BASI Level 4 (or international equivalent).

The currency of the country of your chosen resort differs from the currency of the country of the main resort

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