A Guide to Children’s Ski Lessons: When Should Your Child Start Skiing?

15 May, 2024 11 min read

First comes crawling, then walking, then skiing? If you are eager to introduce your child to the joys of skiing but you’re not sure where to start, then you are in the right place. Family ski holidays offer the opportunity to create lifelong memories: seeing your little ones on the slopes for the first time is a magical experience. However, learning to ski is challenging, particularly for young children, so making sure your child is ready to learn to ski is incredibly important.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about children’s ski lessons so that you can make an informed decision about your child’s skiing journey and ensure that their introduction to skiing is both safe and enjoyable. 

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At What Age Can Children Learn to Ski? 

While each child progresses and develops at their own rate, generally children are able to start skiing from 3-4 years old. This is dependent on their willingness to learn, attention span, coordination, strength and balance. They need to be able to control their movements and understand instructions in order to safely learn to ski. Most instructors will not teach children under the age of 3, as children this young haven’t yet developed the motor and mobility skills required for skiing. Before booking your child’s ski lesson, make sure to check your chosen instructor’s minimum age requirement. Remember, every child is unique, so it’s essential to gauge your child’s readiness based on their individual abilities and interests before booking their lessons.  

What Does a Child’s First Ski Lesson Look Like?

Children’s ski lessons are usually 2-3 hours long and typically take place in the morning. Children start learning to ski in nursery areas on flat or very gentle terrain. The initial lessons are all about incorporating fun and play into the experience and focus on getting the child used to the feeling of being on skis. Safety is a priority, as is making the learning process as enjoyable as possible. With the help of an instructor, children will learn how to snow plough and control their speed before progressing to turning. Skiing is tiring, both mentally and physically, which can be tough on young children, so instructors typically incorporate breaks and hot chocolate/snack stops into the lessons. 

How Much Do Children’s Ski Lessons Cost?

Ski lessons for your child can seem like an expensive addition to a ski holiday, but it is a worthwhile investment that will greatly accelerate their progress on skis. Ski lesson prices can vary depending on location, time of year and other factors. Group ski school lessons tend to be cheaper than private ski lessons as you receive less one-on-one time with the instructor. Children’s group ski lesson prices vary depending on the resort, but typically start from €350.00 for five days of three-hour lessons. Alternatively, private ski lessons typically cost between €55 – €110 per hour depending on the instructor’s qualification and experience as well as the resort in which they are working. Don’t forget that many resorts offer free lift passes for children under 5!

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How Quickly Can Children Learn to Ski?

Learning to ski is an individual process and the speed at which children learn can vary greatly. Understanding the technicalities of skiing can be quite challenging for young children, but this will come with time. It can also be difficult for younger children to retain what they’ve learned in a week’s ski holiday, but by the age of 5 children tend to be able to retain more skills and make more progress. Typically, the older a child is when learning to ski, the quicker they are likely to pick it up, but that doesn’t mean young children can’t make fast progress. Private ski lessons can increase a child’s rate of improvement as they will benefit from one-on-one attention and feedback. 

What Equipment Do Children Need to Learn to Ski?

When learning to ski, children need the correct-sized skis and boots. Children’s skis shouldn’t be above chin height for beginners and boots should be snug-fitting but not so tight that they can’t walk properly. Being uncomfortable will only hinder their learning experience. Children’s skis and boots can be rented from ski shops in the resort. To save you time and money, SkiSet ski hire can be easily added to your ski lesson booking on Maison Sport at a discounted price. You can collect your ski hire from any SkiSet store in the resort that you placed your booking in. For young, beginner skiers, poles aren’t required. However, a helmet, goggles and good quality ski clothing are essential to keep them warm, dry and protected during their lessons. Check out our ski trip packing list to make sure you have everything you need to keep your child warm and safe on the slopes. 

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