Bernard is not only a professional ski instructor but also a life ....
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Q&A with Patsy Duncan

4 Sep, 2017 · 3 min read

Last week we caught up with Patsy Duncan, previously a British Ski Team ....
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Understanding how Maison Sport works is important before making a big decision, please see our guide below:

Sign up

By signing up to Maison Sport you are still an independent instructor, it is free to sign up ....
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The majority of ski instructors in France work for ski schools, whether that’s independent schools such as Oxygen and Evolution 2 or the ESF. If you’re a ski instructor at one of these schools, you may well have considered working inde ....
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How do Maison Sport groups work?

9 Aug, 2017 · 8 min read

Most independent instructors struggle to run ski school style groups throughout the winter, so are unable to benefit from the earnings boost these lessons provide, until now. Our platform now enables you to sell group ski lessons for children and ....
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Last week we sat down with ski instructor and competition winner Caroline De ....
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Why we are not the Uber of ski schools

25 Sep, 2016 · 3 min read

We have had lots of people comparing Maison Sport’s business model to that of Ube ....
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In many resorts it is possible to work upwards of 650 hours in a winter season, the pro ....
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Why have we created Maison Sport?

19 Aug, 2016 · 9 min read

We are an online marketplace that makes it easy for customers to find and book ski ....
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