How many calories do you burn skiing?

11 Oct, 2016 · 1 min read

Ski holidays are holidays and as such we like to over indulge in food, whether it’s in a mountain top restaurant or a three course meal in your chalet in the evening. The good news is that several studies by BUPA and Harvard, have found that skiing for an hour burns up to 512 calories, depending on how much you weigh and how hard you ski!

For beginners skiing can be incredibly tiring, lots of sidestepping up the hill, getting up off the floor and just the general faff that goes with skiing; putting boots on, carrying skis around etc. For experts it’s the intensity of blasting down runs, often making thousands of turns in a day, standing in lift queues, going up button lifts. This means that on average we need an extra 1000–1500 calories per day just to keep up with the demand being put on our bodies.

So next time you’re away on a ski holiday, don’t feel guilty about eating dessert or the multiple hot chocolates each day! You should feel great about taking on those much needed extra calories, which give you the energy to enjoy your days skiing on the mountain!

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