Skiing on a Budget: How to Save Money on a Ski Trip

Customer 19 April, 2024 13 min read

Ski trips can be expensive: From lift tickets to accommodation, transport and equipment rental, the costs can quickly add up. But a ski trip doesn’t have to break the bank and can done on a budget! With a bit of research and planning you can save a considerable amount of money on your ski holiday. 

Whether you are a beginner skier or a seasoned pro, read on to discover our 10 top tips on how to save money on a ski trip, so your next ski trip can be as cheap and cheerful as possible!

1. Select a Smaller / Less Popular Resort 

Ski resorts vary in price according to popularity, ski area size, elevation and location. Italy tends to be a cheaper destination compared to other Alpine countries, but there are many hidden gems and smaller resorts across the Alps that offer excellent skiing at lower prices. Less well-known and low-altitude ski resorts typically offer cheaper accommodation and lift passes. Check out our ski lift price guide to find cheaper resorts. 

2. Avoid Skiing During Peak Weeks

When booking your ski trip, select your dates carefully. Try to avoid the busy school holiday periods like February half term, Christmas and the Easter holidays as they can be pricey! (Easter is the cheapest peak period if you do need to travel during the school holidays). You can make huge savings by travelling at off-peak times such as in early December, mid-January and mid-March onwards. These times of year all tend to be far cheaper than peak weeks due to lower demand. Ski lessons will also be cheaper and the slopes will be quieter in off-peak weeks, so it’s a win-win! 

3. Book Your Ski Trip in Advance

Booking your ski trip well in advance can save you money on flights, accommodation and ski rental. Lock down your dates early and you’ll be rewarded with early booking deals. Ski equipment rental can be far cheaper when you book it online, in advance, and saves you time when you get to the resort. You can easily add discounted SkiSet ski rental to your booking on Maison Sport at any time after your ski lesson booking is made. The early bird catches the worm when it comes to ski trips, so start planning early! 

4. Select the Right Type of Accommodation

Most resorts offer an array of ski accommodation options from all-inclusive hotels, to catered chalets and self-catered apartments. Be sure to search around to find the most budget-friendly accommodation. If you are travelling with a group, booking a catered chalet can be more cost-effective and allows you to stay together. On the other hand, self-catered accommodation options can be more cost-effective for families or smaller groups. 

5. Travel in a Group

Group ski trips are not only fun but also cost-effective. When you travel in a large group you can split the cost of shared transfers, accommodation and even ski lessons! On Maison Sport, you can have up to six people with one instructor and split the cost between you which makes for an affordable way to advance your skiing, and you have the added bonus of learning alongside your friends/family!   

6. Book a Shorter Ski Trip

A simple way to save money on a ski trip is to book a shorter trip. Typically ski trips are a week-long, commencing and ending on a Saturday. However, this means that Saturday flights can be very expensive. By taking a shorter ski trip you can avoid Saturday flights which could save you a considerable amount of money. If you are taking a short ski break, it is recommended to stay at a resort close to an airport to minimise travel times and money spent on transfers and maximise time on the slopes. Read our guide to the best ski resorts for weekend ski trips for inspiration.  

7. Rent your Equipment / Ski Gear

Renting ski equipment will save you money on baggage fees and means you’ll have less to carry! As a beginner, it’s advisable to rent ski equipment, but it may be more cost-effective in the long run to buy ski equipment if you are an advanced skier who skis frequently. Additionally, rather than spending a fortune on brand-new ski gear, why not try renting ski clothing or borrowing it from friends – it’s eco-friendly and will save you some cash! Ecoski offers high-quality ski clothing rental, with a focus on eco-friendly and sustainable brands. 

8. Browse Ski Instructors and Book Ski Lessons in the Afternoon

On Maison Sport, ski instructors set their own pricing which allows you to search for and find an instructor to match your budget. Maison Sport also offers flexible lesson timings. Afternoon ski lessons tend to be cheaper due to lower demand, so keep this in mind when booking your lessons. Be sure to read our comprehensive guide on how much a ski lesson costs in Europe for further information on ski lesson prices. 

9. Ask the Locals for Recommendations

Food and drink can be a big cost on a ski trip, especially if you go to tourist hot spots. When you book a ski lesson on Maison Sport, you can message your instructor with any questions about your lesson or the resort you are visiting, including where the best local places to eat and drink are. Our instructors can point you towards cheaper eateries with local-friendly prices and help you to avoid the bars and eateries that can come with hefty price tags.  

10. Bring a Packed Lunch / Reusable Water Bottle

Another way to save money on food and drink is to avoid eating out at lunch. Mountain lunches are delicious, but notoriously costly. So, taking a packed lunch with you will keep you fueled and help you to save some pennies. If you can, stock up on supplies at a supermarket before you drive up to the resort as prices tend to be more expensive the higher you get. Additionally, bringing a reusable water bottle will help to keep you hydrated without the need to buy water. You could even bring a flask and take your own hot chocolate out on the slopes with you! 

Skiing on a Budget Made Simple!

Now you have all the top money-saving tips, it’s time to book your next ski holiday! Remember to choose your resort wisely and book early to get the best deals! Budgeting for a ski trip can be difficult, so we’ve put together a handy ski holiday budget guide and tracker to help you stay on top of your ski trip expenses. With a bit of planning and resourcefulness, you can make your snowy getaway both thrilling and budget-friendly.

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